The Gift of Connection


“Feed people, serve people, love everybody, tell the truth.” So I serve more…and I find myself more in love. What is wonderful is that the love lies not outside as a reward, like a gold star for being a good helper, but within the act itself. For when you offer yourself in service, it opens your own heart so that you may once again taste the sweetness of your own heart’s innate compassion.” — Ram Dass

Tragedy and devastation have loomed large the past few months. And as the dust settles and our brothers and sisters are hungry, thirsty, homeless, injured or dead, tempers flare and fingers point among our people. Our way of governing has devolved to the point that our forefathers would not recognize it, and surely could not stomach it.

The collective energy of so many of us is squandered as we bicker between right and left. There is name- calling and venom, even though no one will change any one else’s mind with words that vibrate of negativity. Our energy is spent screaming virtually at each other, instead of rallying to the common cause of love and compassion for those in need.

I found this quote by Ram Dass in preparation for a yoga class the day after the Las Vegas massacre. Helplessness and sorrow filled my soul as I read of the carnage, as I felt the pull to help the victims of hurricanes in some way. What in the world could I do to serve? What do I even have to give to the world? What can anyone do?

But, these simple words filled me like a mantra. They are a mantra. Don’t let the word mantra throw you. It is a prayer that you repeat over and over. “Feed people, serve people, love everybody (including yourself), tell the truth.”

Now, I sit with these words. And I say to you:

Breathe deeply and be quiet. Repeat the words. Let them rain down on you. Let them soak in. Then you will know what to do.

We are all connected.

Peace and Love

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