As my fingers tap the keys this morning, the Mississippi River extends north and south across my line of vision. Barges slide across its surface in both directions. The vibe of the water this morning is easy and cool, even as the face of a Memphis summer is red hot.

The river is a study in change, just like every single thing in life if one takes the time to notice. Now she is full, her heavy waters merging with the land, taking over parks and docks, whatever is in her way. But she will retreat in time. She always does.

Yesterday’s sudden thunderstorms brewed the surface of the ancient waters into a frenzy of whitecaps and coffee colored turbulence. Then magically, the skies cleared for sunset and she danced with pink and orange reflections.

Our view of five years will be changing soon to a neighborhood tucked into Midtown Memphis, a place with deep roots and a backyard that is covered in grass rather than the gritty streets of downtown. Quite a change.

Our new home is actually an old girl, built in 1910. I loved it the minute I walked in the door and I can’t begin to explain why. Something about the feel of the place. The funny thing is that two friends who have spent time in the house  because they knew a previous owner said exactly the same thing to me on different occasions: “That house has great karma. You’ll love it.”

I will miss my view of the river, but life is about change, isn’t it? And attachment to anything—a view, a person, a way of life, a face without wrinkles— leads to suffering. Here’s to new adventures! Here’s to being happy with whatever is, today, in this very moment.

Namaste, friends 🙂

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  1. attachment = suffering…truth. I’ll take that when it means feeling all of the reshaping and refining it brings with it. So enjoyed your post!

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