The Gift of the Body Compass

The setting: A group of close girlfriends around my dining room table, soft pink hydrangeas and candlelight between us. It is the end of a Monday night, a busy next […]

Gift of Faith

It’s been said that worry is praying for what you don’t want to happen. If there is any truth at all in the Law of Attraction, this sentence should be […]

Letting Children Fly

The conversation in the yoga studio yesterday was a common one in the month of May. Mothers commiserating about graduation ceremonies and college choices, the dating lives of their young […]

The Gift of Grief I sat with a family member recently, holding space as she talked about the loss of her husband of 28 years. The one-year anniversary was coming […]

This Old House

Porches as far as the eye can see in our new “front porch” neighborhood, a place where people still walk their children to school, and porch parties are a monthly […]

Aspen Hike

As I hiked uphill in the Rockies at an elevation of 8,500 ft., aspen groves spoke to me in the hushed tones of the ages, and a grand array of […]

Here in the South we fry everything—eggs, chicken, fish, squash, green tomatoes, pickles … even ice cream. And there is one thing that absolutely must be fried to be edible: […]


As my fingers tap the keys this morning, the Mississippi River extends north and south across my line of vision. Barges slide across its surface in both directions. The vibe […]

Love and Sunshine

What happened in Charleston; it’s been on my mind. Mainly, how does a young man in his twenties have that much hate? The answer—he learned it. And from where does […]

Funny how the Internet has changed the way we live. I mean everything. For those of us old enough to remember a time without the almighty World Wide Web, the […]