Letting Children Fly

The conversation in the yoga studio yesterday was a common one in the month of May. Mothers commiserating about graduation ceremonies and college choices, the dating lives of their young […]

The Gift of Grief I sat with a family member recently, holding space as she talked about the loss of her husband of 28 years. The one-year anniversary was coming […]

This Old House

Porches as far as the eye can see in our new “front porch” neighborhood, a place where people still walk their children to school, and porch parties are a monthly […]

Aspen Hike

As I hiked uphill in the Rockies at an elevation of 8,500 ft., aspen groves spoke to me in the hushed tones of the ages, and a grand array of […]

Here in the South we fry everything—eggs, chicken, fish, squash, green tomatoes, pickles … even ice cream. And there is one thing that absolutely must be fried to be edible: […]


As my fingers tap the keys this morning, the Mississippi River extends north and south across my line of vision. Barges slide across its surface in both directions. The vibe […]

Love and Sunshine

What happened in Charleston; it’s been on my mind. Mainly, how does a young man in his twenties have that much hate? The answer—he learned it. And from where does […]

Funny how the Internet has changed the way we live. I mean everything. For those of us old enough to remember a time without the almighty World Wide Web, the […]

No matter how inept I’ve been at handling the ups and downs of my life, I’ve never been short on advice for you—or anyone. Perhaps in its genesis, this blog […]


  Cottonwood Tree and May sunshine along the banks of the mighty Mississippi. A friend commented recently, “I wish people wouldn’t ask, ‘What do you do?’” I nodded my head […]