The Gift of Now

  Photo by my dear friend, Dipti Shah. On January 30, we set an alarm for the wee hours with a full moon/lunar eclipse watching adventure in mind. Bundled up […]

The Gift of Praise

A recent sermon spoke to my heart of hearts. The truth of Rev. Scott Walters words rang clear and deep. As we exited our church, Calvary Episcopal in Memphis, I […]

  The Gift of Signs My first experience of asking for a sign was in the weeks after my father’s death. The thought had never occurred to me before, but […]

The Gift of Courage

  I’ve never thought much about courage, except in the heroic sense of wild feats of bravery in books and movies. Everyday courage really never crossed my mind until a […]

The Gift of Connection

“Feed people, serve people, love everybody, tell the truth.” So I serve more…and I find myself more in love. What is wonderful is that the love lies not outside as […]

  Our teachers are everywhere. Sometimes they are the people who inspire us to become more giving, or patient, or kind, or other things good. But our more important teachers […]

Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

  Self-fulfilling prophesy. What does that phrase mean to you? Recently I was visiting with an actress who said she rarely forgot her lines early in her career. In theatre, […]

The Gift of the Body Compass

The setting: A group of close girlfriends around my dining room table, soft pink hydrangeas and candlelight between us. It is the end of a Monday night, a busy next […]

Gift of Faith

It’s been said that worry is praying for what you don’t want to happen. If there is any truth at all in the Law of Attraction, this sentence should be […]

Letting Children Fly

The conversation in the yoga studio yesterday was a common one in the month of May. Mothers commiserating about graduation ceremonies and college choices, the dating lives of their young […]